About Magifra

About Magifra

The company's philosophy::

Doing honest and correct thing with sincerity! This is the chairman of Johnson Su has been encouraging everyone, he hope that employees will remember in their own heart, do everything correct, treat everyone sincerely, and must correct their own mentality and behavior.

With our products, we hope consumers can find "healthy", "energy" and "joy", which is also the concept of Magifra for each product.
Quality policy:

Because understand the food safety importance and hope to offer the safest and most health food to our family, Magifra embarked on a three-year journey through the west coast of China on foot, planting seeds and harvesting the berries with bare hands; Like a hand-painted goji, every goji is engraved with full of life energy; like the air, water, temperature, and people we need in cultivating, we insist on cultivating in the most close to nature, approaching the land, accepting the God gift.
Social Responsibility:

Magifra cares all kinds of disadvantaged groups at home and abroad, dedicating to various public welfare activities, and using the funds raised in the places where they really need them, and continuing to promote the importance of food safety in various occasions, organic shops and colleges and universities...
Future vision:

Promote Magifra goji to the world and become the first brand of goji, let everyone eat in healthy and safety!